A Sad Goodbye...



It is with a sad heart that we learn the Express in Fresno is closing its doors. They have served our community well for 10 years and we all owe them a lot! I remember years ago it was the first "gay" bar I had ever been to. It was so nice being in a place and feeling comfortable being yourself... especially somewhere local. Lee (the owner) has always donated money towards LGBT events. He has always been a big supporter of Gay Fresno and Gay Central Valley. It saddens me that we are losing such a huge person to our community and dare I say historic part of our local LGBT culture. I'll never forget the great times had there when there really were no other options. Thank you Lee and everyone else who made a difference in people's lives and provided us with a great place to be us while having a great time as well. Cheers and the best of luck in future endeavors!


Here is their press release:


All Good Things Must Come To An End!
The Express Nightclub will be officially closing the first week of January. Stay tuned to Facebook for our final schedule.

... As we complete our 10th year in business as the operators of the historic Express Nightclub, it is with great sadness that we must call it quits. Our decision is based on a combination of a bad economy and too many nightclubs catering to our targeted customer base. We have supported the club through this time with all of our personal financial resources, and there is just nothing left to give. We have resisted the temptation to broaden our customer base, instead focusing on traditional LGBT culture and activities. It unfortunately didn’t work. Although we have held many successful events since the remodeling, it just isn’t enough to allow us to continue the operation.

When we made the decision in November 2002 to form a new nightclub in this historic location, it wasn’t done with the idea that we would make a lot of money. We thought that something in our community’s entertainment was lacking, and wanted to take a shot at providing what we thought was needed. Our friendly bartenders have provided quality beverages at competitive prices, and our DJ’s have always been dedicated and skilled entertainers. The Xotica Show by DivaX is the longest running successful weekly event in our local nightlife. We brought Club Papi events to Fresno. Our Sunday barbecue and “Half Price” nights were popular social events for many years.

During our most successful years, we provided the LGBT community with funding for many of its annual events, and supported the community to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, heavy financial losses over the recent years have caused us to withdraw that support. We simply had no choice.

We are proud of our staff and the job they have done. We are extremely grateful to the group of loyal customers that have stayed with us during these last few years. You are true friends, and we feel terrible that we can’t go on.

We will be listing the Express Nightclub for sale immediately. This is a turnkey operation, complete with a liquor license, all bar equipment, sound equipment, light shows, and furniture.

Thank you again to the LGBT Community for allowing us to be a part of your entertainment nightlife!

Lee Morris
Steve McBride

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